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What is “Holographical Reality™"

“Holographical Reality™" is a patented technology that creates a sense of reality with imagery generated to appear three dimensionally within a physical real-world environment as large as a room without the requirement of wearing 3D glasses or goggles. The visual effect is related to the commonly know three dimensional imagery of holography, although this holographical effect is not limited to the image area of a sheet of holographic film. 

Science Fiction of Holographical Reality™

Star Trek introduced the HoloDeck as a room where three dimensional settings could be generated to appear as a reality through a technology related to holography. The science fiction series featured this holographical reality in many of its productions.

The appearance of Princess Leia in Star Wars is another example of a projected holographical reality. Numerous other movies have shown forms of holographical reality that have captured the imagination of their audiences. 

Invention of Holographical Reality™

In the 1990’s inventor, Peter McDuffie White, produced a form of Holographical Reality™ that generated both 3D graphic animation and life-size transmitted people to appear within a physical, real world environment for viewing without 3D glasses or goggles. This new technology gained international publicity, including a feature on the Today Show in February 2000.

Generation of Holographical Reality™

Holographical Reality™ is experienced by one or more users in a physical real-world environment without requiring any encumbrances of technology on the user, such as 3D glasses, goggles, headsets or other devices. The environment incorporates a semi-reflective beamsplitter that allows for both a direct view of the physical setting and a reflected view of a portion of the scene. On the opposite side of the beamsplitter is a high resolution digital display technology that generates imagery to be within view of the users. The users view through the beamsplitter to directly see the generated imagery superimposed with the reflected view of the scene positioned at a further distance behind the plane of the imagery for a true physical depth relationship. 

Commercial Implementation of Holographical Reality™

In 2004 TelePresence Tech was founded with the filing of a patent application for Holographical Reality™. Today TelePresence Tech has eleven granted US patents and international intellectual property. TelePresence Tech has designed, developed, manufactured and installed hundreds of Holographical Reality™ systems in over 30 countries.

3-D 4K Holographics

The most impressive productions of Holographical Reality™ have been produced by a consortium of companies called 3-D 4K Holographics Their three dimensional imagery is generated in the exceptional quality and high resolution of 4K video.

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